Fort Worth's Finest Lebanese Restaurant Serving Mediterranean Food

Celaborelle Restaurant


Monday-Saturday 5:00 PM-8:00 PM



Family owned restaurant since 1908. The Hedary family have been serving homemade ethnic Lebanese Mediterranean food in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1976. Lebanese food is well known to be one of the world’s healthiest however it is still a mystery to many people and our ultimate goal is to properly introduce you to best best tasting food you have ever had.

The cuisine of Lebanon is the perfect example of the Mediterranean diet. It includes a variety of fresh vegetables, beef, chicken, lamb and fish. we do not use any canned food, preservatives, monosodium Glutamate (MSG ), Lard, lemon salt (citric acid)    or any harmful substance in our food, all fresh natural and healthy ingredients are use to guaranty you the best and healthiest meal you have ever had.

At Celaborelle our goal is to stand out above any other restaurant by offering the largest amount of food possible for your money at the lowest possible price. First we sat our prices at the lowest

possible and we are continuously trying to get the best prices for our products, not so we can make more profits, although that would be nice, but so we can give you the best bargain around,

when it comes to our produce we have developed relations with many individuals in the Dallas market to get the freshest and cheapest produce and we are continuously going there to get our produce which guarantee the largest amount of food on your plate for the low set prices.

We offer a mezze experience, a multitude dishes taking you into a food safari . whether you are vegan, vegetarian or you love love lamb,beef, chicken or fish we promise you will have the most wonderful feast at Celaborelle.

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2257 Hemphill Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76110
817-922-8118 (Fax by request only)



No reservations, please. First comes, first served. Faster service pre order your food by phone, excluding FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights. Take out orders for friday and saturday nights must be called in before 5:15pm or after 8:15pm. There is no garantee how long an order takes, it depends on how many orders were placed before and the complexity of each order. We are always striving to work as faster as possible to get the food to you.
Please always call before 1:30 pm if you plan to arrive after 1:30 pm for lunch 0r before 7;30 pm if you plan to arrive after 7:30 pm for dinner on any day to make sure the kitchen stays open.
BYOB restaurant with no charge